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Thread: Lost Pug Mix (puggle)

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    Unhappy Lost Pug Mix (puggle)

    Help..our Pug mix (he is mixed with beagle we think) wandered off saturday night, while we were staying with relatives on Lake Leon (country road 437) he is small, brown short hair, black ears and nose, and mouth, bulging out eyes and pointed out nose (not squished in face like most pugs) he is very friendly and will let you pet him. he is an indoor dog but we let him out to go potty, and sometime during the night sat night he wandered off. if you find him please contact animal shelter. they have our info. or you can email me: he is a valued member of our family and my girls are crushed that he is missing. if anyone has any info, please please call. thank you.
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    Unhappy Re: Lost Pug Mix (puggle)

    forgot to list my phone number: 682-551-0553.

    Please please call if you know where he is. we are sooooo worried.

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    Re: Lost Pug Mix (puggle)

    I hope you find your missing family member!

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    Re: Lost Pug Mix (puggle)

    thank you!!!! i am worried beyond measure. he never does this. thankfully the allergies are in full swing, so no ones knows i cant stop crying.

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    Re: Lost Pug Mix (puggle)

    Nothing here in the City but we will keep our eyes open for him...we have several dogs missing today...a Wheaton Terrier wearing a blue bandanna named Murphy....a missing mini schnauzer (grey) named Danny.

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    Re: Lost Pug Mix (puggle)

    thank you. we will keep praying for his safe return.

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    a pic of Martin the lost pug

    please call if you have seen our dog; 682-551-0553 or 682-551-6580
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    Re: Lost Pug Mix (puggle)

    Praying that your baby his home soon.
    im outta here!

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