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A formal investigation is looking into whether a high school football team was bullying when it beat another team, 91-0.

Aledo High School football coach Tim Buchanan says he did everything he could think of Friday night against Western Hills, but it was clear the game was going to be a shutout.

He pulled his starters in the first quarter, put his second string players in, then his third stringers.

In the third quarter, they started a running clock that doesn't stop unless there's a timeout or a score. In the fourth quarter, they went to a continuous running clock. The final score was 91-0.

The high score is not an uncommon thing for Aledo High School. The team is 7-0, and have scored 77 points or more in their last four games.

But after the game, Buchanan was told a parent from Western hills filed a bullying report on him.

He says the parent said Aledo's players showed good sportsmanship, but that Buchanan had bullied his players to bully the other team, and run up the score.

A copy of the bullying report was released Tuesday afternoon and the parent who filed it opted not to leave their name or contact information.

The Western Hills HS and Aledo HS football teams were named as victims and the alleged offenders listed as the Aledo HS football coaches.

When asked to describe what happened, the parent wrote "Unsportsmanlike conduct from 7:30 - 10:00."

The report asks if there were any witnesses and if they could be named for follow-up. The parent said "everyone in the football stadium" was a witness.

Under additional information, the parent said their child played for Western Hills HS football team and "we all witnessed bullying firsthand , it is not a pretty sight."

The parent wrote driving home their child from the game was tough and "I did not know what to say on the ride home to explain the behavior of the Aledo coaches for not easing up when the game was in hand."

The coach wondered what else he could have done, besides tell his players to take a knee.

"I'm not gonna tell a kid that comes out here and practices six to seven hours a week trying to get ready for football games," Buchanan said, "'Hey, you can't score a touchdown if you get in, you're gonna have to take a knee,' cause that may be the only touchdown that kid gets to score in his high school career."

Aledo parents FOX4 spoke with didn't think a football game fit the definition of bullying.

Fort Worth ISD did not comment on the game, nor make the Western Hills coach available for an interview.

Western Hills HS students who spoke with FOX4 on Tuesday said they didn't think the final score was bullying - just the result of a game against a better team.

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