Most here probably don't give a hoot about when the little fellers go trick-or-treating, and most of us don't even have little ones to dress up in their favorite character and send out into the night but.....

For a while now, trick-or-treating has been held on Halloween night in Eastland. I was going to say "for as long as I've been here", but I'm not sure back in the days when the elementary school was holding their fall festival, which was on Saturday night, if they were doing trick-or-treat on Saturday back then or not. Since I don't recall dressing my kids up twice for Halloween, I presume trick-or-treat was on Saturday night back in those days (late 80s ish). When Cecil was police chief, and after the fall festival thing stopped happening at the school, trick-or-treat was on Halloween night. I believe Cecil defended the idea of keeping it on Halloween night because it left fewer years to have kids out running around late at night. Changing trick-or-treat to the Saturday before Halloween (which many surrounding towns have done), makes every year a year of late night hooliganism. So.. from law enforcement's standpoint, I can see it would benefit to keep it on Halloween night, thus having more years be a school night than weekend nights.

The argument I received for moving Trick-or-Treat to Saturday night is because it's hard to get home from work, get the kids dressed up and over to Boo In The Garden during that event's time. It appears that each year the time for the event has changed, last year it was 5 - 6:30 p.m.

Those who know me know that I really do enjoy Halloween with all it's scariness. I'm a die-hard dress up, decorate up and give the kids some fun, safe, scares kind of person. So for me, I believe door-to-door trick-or-treat should stay on Halloween night. If they want to do Boo in the Garden on Saturday night, Halloween night should still be reserved for trick-or-treat for the older kids that don't do Boo in the Garden... and even those who do Boo in the Garden and are upset because after standing in line, they don't have much time to do trick-or-treating when that event ends. I notice the lines of trick-or-treaters thin out pretty quickly after about 8pm on a school night. By 9pm we usually close up shop at our house due to lack of participation.

I love that Eastland is the last hold out to having trick-or-treat on the actual night it's supposed to be. I hope those powers that be continue to keep that tradition.