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Thread: One for Happy JP - Not Politics

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    One for Happy JP - Not Politics

    It's been a great couple of years as far as rain goes. I'm just now getting into needing to water my yard (have watered it twice so far this summer a couple of months apart). I have the most beautiful yard I've ever had because of all this.

    I don't like that our humidity is this high but I guess I can live with it if it brings all the yummy vegetables we have been enjoying and makes everything so beautiful.

    The years of dry, dead, drought conditions were extremely depressing.. as well as scary. I hope that cycle is a long time from coming again.

    How's everyone's garden doing? I'm waiting for Meghan's Market to get in a shipment of Pecos cantaloupes They were supposed to be here Monday, but when I went in then, they said later in the week.

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    That all sounds so good! I love fresh veggies and fruits from the garden. I had to give up on my garden.....cotton farmer's weed spraying kept my garden from producing. but, I love hearing about your garden!
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    Went by and watched a friend plow with mules. Harnessing and hooking up plows and rakes. Convincing the mules that is what they want to do. Well, when I got home I just gave my Massey Ferguson tractor a pat on the hood. People sure worked hard for a living in the good old days.

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