I've seen the debate floating around concerning the baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple and now the supreme court is getting involved. To avoid running into anymore problems with it, the bakery has quit making any wedding cakes while this is going through the courts.

This one is tricky imo. Here's my issue with those who refuse to do their job or serve gay people when it comes to their decision to marry. Are they doing so because they believe that gay marriage is sinful? If so, shouldn't they do a background check on each couple they bake a cake for? The advantage of picking out the "gay sin" is that it's obvious. You can see when it's a same-sex couple asking to top their wedding cake with two little people of the same gender. Not as easy to see the fiancÚ who is abusive to his/her future spouse. The couple who is mean to each other and will eventually drag children through their torturous short-term marriage. How about the couple that's on their 4th or 5th marriage after divorces. Aren't these also considered sins according to the Bible? Which is worse? Is it really up to the baker to decide who should marry and who shouldn't? What if they consider interracial marriage wrong and therefore, refuse to bake those cakes? What if they don't believe in baking cakes for those of a different religion? All okay?

Then on the other side of the coin... It's a private business that should be allowed to let the public decide whether or not that's the bakery for them. If they don't bake cakes for gays, for other religions, for baby showers of unwed mothers, etc... they should be able to do that. Put a sign on the door and let those passing by decide. Then again.. how far should they be able to go with that? It's tricky.

And a last point.. who wants a bakery to bake your cake if they don't like you, for any reason. If the bakery owner/personnel were to be snooty, apathetic, rude or didn't seem to be eager to please you as a customer, wouldn't you just go look for another bakery? You can't drag a bakery to court and make them care, make them be less racist, less prejudice or less faithful to their beliefs.. no matter how misguided you may feel they are. Do you really want to force that cake that may have been spit in?