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Thread: How to stamp out bullying...

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    How to stamp out bullying...

    You can't.

    The sooner people realize that life and people are sometimes unfair, the better off everyone is. And since I realize that not everyone is going to get that, I'll just carry on with my rantings..

    The Keaton Jones video bugged me in so many ways. The first reaction I had about it is that no dad would have videoed his son crying for being bullied and put it up on the internet (even if the son requested it.. dad would know better). Well at least no dad from the old days when dad's were protective, raised their sons up to be men (some, however, had misconceptions of what real men were), and taught them not to show their weaknesses. Remember the commercial, "never let them see you sweat"?

    I've been up close and personal to bullying from both the being bullied perspective and being the parent in some bullying situations. In every aspect of life there are lessons to be learned.. if you're paying attention and see that everything offers opportunity. When things aren't going right for you, there is usually something you can do to change the situation, remove yourself from the situation, or at least get through it with an optimistic attitude. To fall prey to the poor me syndrome is what, imo, leads young people to suicide. They can't see another way out. They think this is life forever. They have people around them saying poor you.. we will insulate your world and keep you from feeling frustrated, scared, embarrassed or hated. It doesn't work. You can't stop the bullies and insulating a child's world makes them unable to deal with problems in a productive way.

    Frustration, anger, embarrassment, fear... they are all emotions we can learn from. It is our job as parents to teach that these emotions will happen, they are temporary, and they can be controlled. We must raise stronger children rather than weak ones who expect the world around them to bend to their expectations.

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    I couldn't agree with your assessment more, Julie. It is far past time to eliminate all of this "politically correct" bulls---t and get on with 'real life'!
    Walk softly and carry a big stick.

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