In today's world had I been born to some of these "open-minded" parents, I could have been transgender. I was a young girl who hung with the boys, wanted to fit in with them, climbed trees, played sports with them, picked fights and wrestled with them, liked to fix things or build things with my dad. I hated wearing dresses or anything "girly". I liked jeans and boots and walked with a very long stride. I still remember my mom trying to get me to take smaller steps. If I had been encouraged, I'm sure I easily would have gone with the idea that I would have preferred to be a boy. Thank heaven my parents were from an era when you actually just went with what you had. You didn't teach your children that they were put in the wrong body. IMO, that's not letting them express who they are. That's telling them who they are is incorrect. It's not. They can be a boy with feminine likes and dislikes or vice versa. It's okay. I think my attitude is a more open minded. Had I grown up transgender, I would have ended up a transgender homosexual which would have added a whole nuther layer of messed up to the situation. lol.

Glad my parents seemed to think the only thing that was wrong with me was that I didn't apply myself in school, cause I sure do like who I am today.

Anyway.. good video on the subject: