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07-01-2004, 08:30 AM
I found this on search , I was looking up Michael the Arc Angel and I came across this . What do you all think ?http://www.pleasehurtnolivingbody.com/intro.html

07-01-2004, 04:31 PM
Nice jen, I'm emailing the article to al Zarqawi and Dubya.

07-01-2004, 04:33 PM
Who is that ?

07-01-2004, 06:07 PM
na d dont forget the forward to Both the Clintons and Kerry too!.....lol

07-01-2004, 07:41 PM
Who is that ?
Jen, oh no!!!! :shock:
al Zarqawi is the terrorist that has been doing all the beheading.

07-02-2004, 10:01 AM
Please Hurt No Living Human Body

My most dearest Princes and Princesses of Peace, I know your Father, King of Peace. He is also my Father, King of Peace, King of Heaven, Father Of Man On Earth. In 1975 he told me he wanted his children together. Now, it's a few years later. Did he tell that to you. No, he told it to me. Why did he tell that to me and not you?
Obviously, it's my job Markay! Well, to bring all his children together will surely take a miracle.

I believe in miracles, Markay. It's part of my job.

My Princes and Princesses of Peace, it's twenty eight years now and my Father has been working with me and in the last year he let me know his will, the will of the Father of all Mankind for every living body, every second of every day. Never ever ask God again what his will is for you. This is the Will Of The Fathetr Of All Mankind for you each day, each second of every day.

... And you will make your Father happy, the Father of All Mankind, the King Of Heaven, the King Of The Angels. You will be a messenger of God in the flesh born a little lower than the Angels but acting exactly like an Angel. A messenger of Good.

Good and God are synonymous according to Jesus. He said there was only one good and that was God. When Jesus referred to God, he referred to the Father Of Man On Earth, Michael The Arc Angel. But, nobody knew Father as Michael the Arc Angel except Jesus so he called Father God, a word, a symbol they were familiar with but they had no idea of the quantity, quality and substance or being that they called God. Just like today when people refer to God, they really don't know what they're talking about. They haven't got the foggiest idea what God they're talking about.

People are funny. One guy says, "Did you see that!" The other guy says, "Yeah, I saw that!" and nobody saw nothing. That's just the way man is. You have a god? How big is he? How many fingers does he have? Oh, he doesn't have fingers, he has tentacles? He has a mustache? Is he from innerspace or outer space? What color is he? When was he born? What does he eat? What did he say to you? Oh, he's a god of real estate? He gave you some land? Oh, he's the god of gold? He gave you some gold? Oh, he's the god of your soul? He gave you a spirit? Draw me a picture in words of your god that you were taught that you saw that did all these things.

Now, let me do the same. I went to God and asked, "God, what can I do for you today." He said to me he wanted his children together. He's got five fingers, a nose, arms and legs and was a person just like you and me for millions of years. The King of The Angels of his time - his length of reign was coming to an end. He had to choose somebody to take his place. He chose a 15 year old child, groomed him for 13 years and sent him down to multiply and replenish the Earth. He was an Angel at the time with a specific job - to multiply and replenish the Earth and get the old man off the hook so he could go.

Did he come from outer space? Did he have a virgin mother? NO! He was just like you and me, only better and that is why he was chosen. Not you and not me. Okay, at the age of 28 he jumped "frequency bands" from a dimension that you call Heaven to this dimension and took the place of a king. He created an illusion. People looking at him were seeing a king; people hearing him were hearing the king but the king was not there. He spent all this time in a harem, a sanctuary for women. He could lay with a 100 women in a 24 hour span and every woman became pregnant. It didn't matter if it was there time of the month or anything. They carried his seed. He was potentially the King of Peace, the King of Heaven 7,000-8,000 years ago.

Angels don't have to sleep. They don't have to eat and they never run out but you cannot tell them apart from a normal human being with your eyes. In 800 years, he had over 26 million children. In the first 15 years his children were having children. Adam represents the first man of any kingdom and he the king, Father Of Man on Earth today is the Adam referred to in the Bible. He was a human being for many of millions of years, like you and me. Just like you and me in times past he has done everything that a human being could do. He sees no good or evil in anything man does. He just sees it as the Human Condition. He blames nobody for nothing.

Michaelangelo in Italian means Michael The Angel. He was named after Michael The Arc Angel, not Jehovah. He was consumed of work of Michael The Arc Angel, not Jehovah. All his art was centered around man. When Michael The Arc Angel, The Father Of Man On Earth finally did appear to Michaelangelo in the spirit or in the flesh, I cannot tell you I was not there, but the face on the picture called "The Creation Of Adam". The face that's called 'Jehovah' is the face of Michael The Arc Angel as he appeared to Micahelangelo, his namesake. Now that picture is said to be the most famous picture in the world. Nobody ever said it was the prettiest; just the most famous.

Now, you tell me with all the quadrillions, not trillions, quadrillions of pictures in the world, why is that one the most famous? Very simple. Your Father's face is there - the face of the Father Of All Mankind for the last 5,000 years.

Now, you don't even know what Father meant to Jesus. He did say call no man Father, did he not? No corn holding priest. No sperm donor. No caretaker. Did you listen to him? NO! No, you didn't even know what it meant!

2,000 years ago in Hebrew in the language of Jesus, Father meant life-giver. The one that takes the egg and the sperm and puts them together --- that's the Father. Any arguements? Anybody know better? Any pope? Any profit? An idiot priest?

One day it was two weeks before my sons 13th baby, about 1989. I was approaching my front day and the Father Of All Mankind - Father Michael wanted to channel through me. I like you did not know I was attached to him by a laser called the light of conscience and a wireless Internet so I go into the bedroom, throw a tape in the tape recorder and he starts playing me like a piano and he says to me, going back to an incident that happened fourteen years earlier... He says, "When you were making love with your wife and you were thinking of me, you felt great. And you thought it was because you were trying to do something for me and your son David was [CONCEIVED AT THAT TIME.]" He says, "WRONG!" "You felt great because you felt of my presence. I was doing my own thing." [SO HE CALLS CONCEPTION DOING HIS OWN THING.] He then said to me, "Your son David is not your son, he's mine." Well, the act of conception still went over my head. The only thing I can think of was that somebody was in front of me that I could not see. So he lost me with conception and he never made any attempt to correct it, until 11 years later when I found out what Jesus knew...

The Light Of Conscience is a laser. It transmits information silently, invisibly from the King Of The Angels to all His Children. Okay. Now, 11 years later he gave me a further education on conception with the understanding that Father meant life-giver, not butt-kicker, baby-sitter and sperm donor.

He says to me, you buy a model airplane six feet long, four engines, a flying fortress and you put it together. You give it life. Who's the father of that model airplane? Is it the machine or the person that put the parts in the box? Or is it you who put it together and gave it life? It's YOU, who put it together and gave it life! Because before you put it together, it was just parts in a box. Then Father says, "A man puts his sperm in the box. A woman puts an egg in the box but they have absolutely nothing to do with putting them together and neither does nature."

Ask people who are perfectly healthy and the doctor says there is no reason in this world why you can't concieve. But you know something (CHARLIE BROWN) there is no conception even though everything seems perfect. If not for mine and your Father, nobody on this Earth would have a body at this time. Michael the Arc Angel is not the Father of your spirit. He's the Father of your flesh and blood body. Who is the Father of your spirit, then? One can only guess. As for me, I really don't know. And I'm not going to tell you that I do! So, since we all have a body and our Father, life-giver, Father Michael concieved us in our mother's womb and mothered us in our mother's womb with a Guardian Angel. That's when you get your Guardian Angel. He's both our mother and father and he is the father of every living body on this Earth. You owe me nothing. You owe him everything. Without him, you would be a ghost --- a nobody --- and that's a fact! And Jesus knew it... So, he said what you do to the least of Father's children (and he was referring to me - Father's mouthpiece on Earth - the servant of all) you do to him.

The respect you show the messages contained herein, "Please Hurt No Living Human Body" my Father's creation, you show him.

Now, I am crazy. I am certified. Don't mess with me! I have a message to deliver to the whole world - "Please Hurt No Living Body". I have a job to do. Make this Earth a rose garden, not a nuclear cemetary for Father by Christmas of this year, 2003. And I'd like you to help me. Because, without you there is no peace on Earth. There is no goodwill to all men. In the kingdom of Heaven, though it is on Earth and always has been, cannot be manifested here on Earth without you being happy in your heart, in your home and in the marketplace. So, as you can see, YOU, not me, is the most important person in the world. YOU, my Princes and Princesses of Peace, have the power to manifest on the Earth the kingdom of Heaven. You are the king of Heaven's men and women. You cover the Earth like white on cream cheese, so the Kingdom of Heaven is already here. Jesus was right. Everyone else in the world was wrong. The kingdom of Heaven is at hand! All we have to do is change teachers. Be Pleased To Hurt No Living Human Body!

When you are pleased to hurt no living human body, every living body in the world will be pleased not to hurt you because you will manifest Father's spirit of conscience - not the spirit of hate, hurt and anger. And nobody will fear you. And there won't be any payback for you or anyone else in the world when everybody in the world agrees to hurt no living human body.

Now since I have the world's worst payback, I have a personal interest in getting rid of it and the only way I can do it is to help you get rid of yours.

Let's be realistic. Look at your newspaper. Pick it up and look at the front page. You see murder? You see grief? You see mayhem? All those people, wealthy and poor are a disgrace to all mankind. Why? Why are they there on the front page? Because, in the crib, their parents did not teach them the first words out of their mouth was not "Please Hurt No Living Human Body".

You see soldiers come back dead from wars and their parents crying over stinking, rotting dead bodies. This applies to every war that ever was. There's only one reason those parents are burying a loved one at this time - because they did not teach that child in the crib the first words out of that kid's mouth, "Please Hurt No Living Human Body"...........

You have a neighbor. He has a dog. The dog is driving you insane with it's barking. You want to kill both the dog and the neighbor. Why? Because, the neighbor's parents did not teach him in the crib, "Please Hurt No Living Human Body".

You have a little child, one, two, three or four years old and that kid is driving you insane. You can't talk to the kid. He's hurt, he's angry, he hates - everything. He's driving you insane with his actions. You know why this is? Because you didn't teach that kid in the crib the first words out of his mouth, "Please Hurt No Living Human Body."

So, all grief - all misery - all hate - all anger - all fear... every problem we ever encountered in our lives is because we and others were not taught in the crib to "Be Pleased Not To Hurt Any Living Human Body."

So, if all the grief in all the world since time began can be traced back as far as man can go to the disrespect of six simple words an imbecile and an idiot could live by then what's the solution to all man's problems? It's simple. It's ultra-simple! Respect. Be aware of six simple words, "Please Hurt No Living Human Body."

When this whole world adopts those six simple words, the will of the Father of All Mankind as they're golden ruler, all the grief, all the misery in all the world for every living body will disappear like magic overnight.

(in case ya'll wanted to read it here)

Babe 8)

07-02-2004, 10:13 AM
Thank Jen and Babe!