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07-05-2004, 11:57 AM
Doesn't the current political scene remind us all of high school?

Don't we all recognize the liberal Democrats as the arrogant snots who thought they were endowed with some sort of super-human right to dictate who was "in" and "out" based on nothing actual and factual, like grades, hard work, innate ability or common decency, but on some sort of "cool" and "not-cool" index they made up just to make themselves feel good and hurt all the rest of us?

The "cool" liberal Democrat kids wore designer labels and declared "un-cool" anyone who didn't. Hell, I was 14 when I realized that "irregular" wasn't a brand name. Both my parents worked and we lived in rented rooms upstairs from a guy whose corporate vehicle was a dump truck.

This week, the "cool" liberal Democrats are watching something put out by this Moore guy who got an Academy Award in the "documentary" category. This came about when the Senior arrogant snots decided to declare Michael Moore officially "cool" in their nasty little liberal Democrat world. And for all of the real people who can document the fact that Michael Moore is full of crap, they just don't need to be polishing any speeches for the Academy because Oscar is just a grouch if you're some "not cool" Republican - like the majority of Americans who go through life doing the best they can, working at their jobs, paying their taxes (and damned grateful to GW Bush when the tax take is less) and, cool or not, shopping for bargains at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Sears or a good garage sale down the street while the billionaire liberals like Soros and Heinz-Kerry continue to consider us all, like, you know, just so very un-cool. Their personal shoppers only return with the "cool" labels. But they live in a diverse world and they are tolerant - of their servants.

This week, Bill Cosby's not cool. He spoke Republican truth to liberal Democrat power, and that's officially, like, SO not-cool. Michael Moore lies his head off, and, like, you know, he's got the award for documentary excellence that says he's presumptively totally cool, even when he's like, you know, totally full of crap.

Now speaking as a guy who has been published and read nationally and internationally in the rapidly receding past and has needed the paychecks to feed kids, dogs and cats, I have to admit that there's something kind of personal behind this particular rant. Haughty Hillary, First (oh, please!) Lady (and again) of the quintessentially Priapic Presidency (isn't that the real legacy?) and that mendacious malefactor that she married are pocketing millions of dollars for some stuff that minimum wage ghost writers cranked out and they're being lauded as bestselling authors.

Is either volume well written or well read? Hell no. But if some rich Canadian snot like Peter Jennings, who's cool enough to have dated Barbra Streisand, tells leftist Democrat America that the Clintons are cool, they can pocket serious money from voluminous virulent verbiage (listen to Bill, Jesse) peddling published poundage that non-readers will purchase from non-writers.

I guess that's cool. But sad.

This was an editorial..


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07-05-2004, 04:13 PM
Yeppers, just what Californication needs, another acter/guvner.
Now Rhi, that's not entirely true, I think your pretty cool! :lol:

07-05-2004, 04:17 PM
Yeppers, just what Californication needs, another acter/guvner.
Now Rhi, that's not entirely true, I think your pretty cool! :lol:

Oh Miraculous thank you, I'll always have a soft spot for you! Even if you are the wrong side!