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Miss Mally
07-14-2004, 09:35 AM
These are the countries that have supported the US and the War of Terror as well as the number of troops they have sent into Iraq to help us.

Spain keeps saying they are pulling out...and have pulled some troops.....but not all. Philippines are caving into terrorism and pulling out due to a hostage situation.

Half these countries are countries that we saved once from Hitler and again later from Communism. They are our allies because Reagan demanded that the Wall be torn down. They are our allies because they have lived the lie of facism and dictatorship under the guise of communism...and they have a love and appreciation for freedom that many of our own people here at home have forgotten.

United States 138,000

Britain 8,530

Albania 70

Australia 850

Azerbaijan 150

Bulgaria 455

Czech Rep. 92

Denmark 510

Dominican Rep. 300

El Salvador 360

Estonia 55

Georgia 150

Honduras 370

Hungary 300

Italy 2,700

Japan 1,000

Kazakhstan 25

Latvia 120

Lithuania 105

Macedonia 28

Moldova 25

Mongolia 180

Netherlands 1,263

New Zealand 60

Nicaragua 115

Norway 150

Philippines 51 (set to leave)

Poland 2,400

Portugal 120

Romania 730

Singapore 200

Slovakia 105

South Korea 675 (3,000 on way)

Spain 1,400

Thailand 460

Tonga 44

Ukraine 1,700

07-14-2004, 11:00 AM
Hold on! This can't be right...the Left says we're all alone in Iraq! :P

I admire all these countries for standing up for freedom. I especially admire the South Koreans. After recieving terrorist threats, they essentially told the bums to go Cheney themselves, and then increased their troop numbers! Spain and the Phillipines could stand to learn from that.

07-14-2004, 12:39 PM
go figure that the left is saying we are all alone....they think America is behind them!...oh the poor lost fools....lol