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  1. Rogue, Are you ready for the football season? I can't wait.
    Hope you continue your predictions this year
  2. Eastland v Dublin The Mavs will march on this week towards the district championship by beating Dublin by 40

    Cisco v Coleman The Blue cats will have a big problem this week, and that problem is having to face the Lobos. Cisco mess up Coleman bad. Lobos by 35

    Ranger v Roscoe last week the Dawgs were totally mauled by a far from great Gorman team. They face another weak team this week, the spread won't be as large , but the results will be the same Ranger falls by 12

    Gorman v Hamlin Last week the Panthers extended Ranger's loosing streak in a big way. This week they face a much tougher team. Pipers by 30
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