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  1. I was going to call to make sure you were there but we were already heading to the vets any way.
  2. Sorry I just missed you.
  3. Hey girl. We came to the shop on Tuesday about 3pm. Where the heck where ya?
  4. I saw where you did one way!!!!! down south. We will head your way in the morning.
  5. I went to my sisters Memorial Day weekend and last weekend had to be in Houston(check geocache).Yes, I will be there tomorrow.
  6. Are you going to be open this Sat. ? We have missed you two times.
  7. Do you need any TBs or coins for any of your caches? I have micos to big ones.
  8. We have been gone a lot lately. We are trying to put money up for vacation. We are going to east Texas for a week and a half. Have a cabin rented on a private spring fed lake. Going to do some fishing. Have you tried the new caches at Eastland any more? Are you going to be open this Sat.? We both need haircuts.
  9. Whatcha been up to GF?
  10. cool! Have a great trip!
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