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Thread: mournful howl

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    mournful howl

    One of my Bassetts howls when a train is heard. Sometimes trains go by often here in Eastland. Now another one of my Bassetts has taken up the irratating howl. It isnt because they are lonely , they are well loved. I have scolded, spanked, just talked quietly to her and everything else that I can think of to get her to stop. Is there a solution? ---short of shooting her? Shooting her isnt an option .

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    Re: mournful howl

    Ear Plugs...for I have trained a dog to stop barking at certain things using an electronic collar...they are available at TSC for around 100 bucks...however there is no gaurantee that it will eliminate your problem...the collar does not hurt them and can be used for other things...I have housebroken a dog with one and stopped one from constantly running across the street everytime I opened the door.

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    Re: mournful howl

    We live near the train tracks. When we moved here over 16 years ago our neighbor had a dog with nearly grown pups, and they all howled at every train. Soon they had my dogs howling. I've had several dogs since then, and they've ALL acquired the howling habit. We even named one Howler as a pup, and he lived up to his name very well. Each new dog learns it from the old timers.

    I believe that some dogs are so sensitive to the sound, it bothers their ears. But most of them just pick up the habit because it's something to do when they hear a train. Not very good news for you, but soon ALL you dogs may be howling, too....

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    Re: mournful howl

    Our dog howls at sirens. I know way ahead of time that an ambulance or fire truck is fixing to drive by. I'm grateful he doesn't howl at trains, there's way too many of those that go by.
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