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Thread: Adoptathon!!!!

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    WHEN: Saturday may 14,2011
    WHAT: Dogs and puppies from Eastland and local/nearby area rescues and shelters
    TIME: 11 AM - 2 PM
    WHERE: Eastland,Tx- by the Old Rafter H bar-b-que on Main Street near the football stadium.
    This is your chance to add a furbaby to your family and save a life doing so.For most of these furry ones, this is their last chance at life.
    Adoption fees are very reasonable.Come on out and bring the family.
    For More Info contact the Eastland Animal Shelter at 254-629-1700.

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    I know there has to be lots of people out there that can give at least 1 precious "furbaby" a forever home. Those furbabies have sooooo little. Only the food and what shared attention the ACO and workers have time to give. They need the love and individual attention of YOU! We just adopted one a very few weeks ago and it is one of the best things to happen to us since our Lulu went missing. These orphans have absolutely nobody that cares a hoot about them outside of the people that are taking care of them until.........their time is up and they are put to sleep. I can tell you for sure that an adopted animal KNOWS what is going on. They change daily after you get them until they finally understand that they ........finally have a forever home and somebody loves them EVERY day. That is when you will begin to see their little personalities.

    Come on people. Open your hearts and come out and take one of these furbabies home. You know you can find one that will fit right into your family. They are truly a blessing to have. They didn`t ask to be born and they darn sure are not asking to be put to sleep because NOBODY wants them.
    jus`a passin`thru

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    Remember if u cant take one home donations are always accepted. It takes alot of food and vet care for any rescuer or foster parent. Manders u have came along ways since the first time we met. Keep up the good work.

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    I couldnt agree more Traveler! you are so right.Sometimes it takes them a little bit to settle in their new home because they only know temporary homes and not a permanent one.When you adopt a pet, give it time, be patient and it will work out.They aren't robots and you wouldnt throw your kid out because they made a mess or have that selective hearing of theirs.Find a way to get their attention and they will respond

    Sad to say but, I won't be able to attend the adoptathon this time, I will be there in heart and send lots of hopes and prayers for people and furbabies to find the one they've been lookin for.
    Thanks for the kind words acer.God put them here for us to take care of and thats all I'm trying to help do.

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