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Thread: Man Threatens Animal Shelter workers

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    Man Threatens Animal Shelter workers

    Blotter: Shelter workers report mass death threat

    08:07 AM CDT on Wednesday, May 11, 2011
    By Donna Fielder / Staff Writer
    Police are investigating a report that a man threatened to kill all the employees at Denton Animal Services and their families Monday.

    Officers are piecing together the stories of several people regarding the circumstances surrounding the threats, which stemmed from the death of the man’s dog, according to a police report.

    Officers responded to a call from the offices in the 300 block of South Woodrow Lane at about 10 a.m. Employees said the dog was impounded after a call from Denton County sheriff’s deputies asking that the dog be taken from a Chrysler PT Cruiser parked at a fast-food restaurant. The deputies were arresting the woman who had parked the car, and they didn’t want the dog left there alone. It had been in the car for hours, according to the report.

    An animal services employee called a number on the 15-year-old German shepherd’s tag to make notification of the dog’s whereabouts. The employee told the woman who answered the telephone that the dog was in failing health and then checked and told the woman the dog had died.

    Shortly afterward, a man called. He was yelling, cursing and threatening to kill the staff and their families, according to the report. Then a call came from a different man, who calmly and quietly asked how to pick up the dog’s remains.

    The officers were still at the facility when the second man arrived to pick up the dog. He said the problem began several hours earlier when his father arrived at the home of his grandmother in a motor home with the dog and a woman. The younger man, who lives with his grandmother, said she told her son that he could not leave the motor home in the street because it was too big and would violate city code.

    The younger man said his father was angry and caused a disturbance. He left in the motor home, and the woman with him took the dog in the Chrysler, which they had parked at the grandmother’s house earlier.

    Deputies told police that they responded to a disturbance call at Vacation Village on Sunday and arrested the woman who had been driving the Chrysler on outstanding warrants. They discovered that the car had been reported stolen by a Hickory Creek resident. They had the car impounded and the dog taken by Denton animal officers.

    The younger man said his father blamed him and his grandmother for the death of the dog, according to the report.

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    wow! This is sad.

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