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Thread: Husky Mix in need of a good home.

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    Husky Mix in need of a good home.

    We just call her Mama.(Because she is bossy and likes to keep the other dogs in line.) She is an older dog and house trained. She was brought to me from Rising Star after she turned up at someone's house and they could not find her owner or care for her any longer. She is free to a good home. If you would like to try her out for a few days, thats fine and I will take her back if she doesnt work out.I was told she does well with cats.message me here or call 254-210-2022 for more info.
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    I still wish I could come get her. Such a pretty girl.
    I foster dogs!!! If you have something your looking for, or just want a GOOD dog (we work with, and train some) let me know....
    Right now, i have a Briard mix, and some kind of cattle dog/heeler/shepard mix. Both VERY intelligent. Have been teaching them basic commands. can get pictures if need be

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    She is in Desdemona, thats only about 20 miles away.

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