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Thread: Lost dog

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    Lost dog

    We cant seem to locate our 10 month old miniature dauschaund he is black and tan. He's very friendly usually wont come right to you he usually just rolls over when approached but from a distance he will run to you when called. His name is Shadow he does not have a collar or tags on. We live right outside of town near the Woodlands Assissted Living facility. If you have seen him or find him please call 254-433-1626. He is a very small dog and will sometimes jump into an open vehicle. He was at home yesterday Aug. 31 but I'm not positive what time he went missing. There is a reward if found.
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    ok I got two conformations that he was seen at the Woodlands Assissted Living facility wednesday or thursday along with several other dogs. If anyone nearby or can get the word out to anyone else that may not have access to this site that he is missing and has a home please call 254-433-1626 There is still a reward if found.

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