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Thread: Chinchilla Needs home!!!!!!

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    Chinchilla Needs home!!!!!!

    I need to find an EXCELLENT home for a 18 month old male Chinchilla.....We need one fairly quick, I really do not want to subject it to the shelter. It will come with a cage. I suggest that you read up on them before you think you want one...let me know.

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    awwww, Ive had 5 of these little guys before. They are fun and really need room to run around outside of a cage. Please do your homework on these little guys if you are thinking about taking him home

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    lol I showed my husband a picture of what chinchillas looked like and it scared him..don't guess i'll ever get a chinchilla
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    [QUOTE=Happymom31;455989]We would love to take him my daughters
    birthday is Wednesday she's turning 15 and has been
    wanting one for a long time please message me your
    contact info please we have also read up on Them and watched
    Some videos on you tube

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