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Thread: found dog

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    found dog

    Large white male dog found on Hwy 112 2 miles North of Eastland. I really need to find owner or home. Looks like one that watches livestock. let me know if you know who owner might be or would like to have him

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    have you found its owner?

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    no. he is sooo sweet and protective and we are getting too attached.

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    still looking for a good home.

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    It may help to get a photo and either post here or send to someone that knows breeds and identify. There may be a breed rescue group representative nearby to foster or to transport.

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    well he left us. Think someone must have seen him and either wanted him or knew where he belonged. He was an excellent watch dog and i hope he is taken care of.

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    Bet it's the one that lives on 3101 or North College...It's always near the golf course.

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