Status Update
By Central Texas Opportunities, Inc.
*****Sequester has hit Central Texas Opportunities, Inc.*****

The choices we made had to be with our emotions and personal beliefs set aside.

We are saying goodbye to 9 of the most amazing staff members I have ever known.

We will stop services to 40 families, children and their communities because we were forced to; not because we chose to.

Today we acknowledge over 80 years of combined experience and commitment. My words can not express the grief and sorrow we all feel.

Baird and Ranger Head Start will no longer be in operation due to budget cuts as of the end of May 2013.

This decision was made on data and need of the communities, not on performance.

I want to thank Sharon Garza, Anita Portillo, Tammye Edwards, Carletta Dyer, Darla McDonald, Stephanie Allen, Genevia Burgess, Nedra Moore & Shanna Finch, for their commitment and love of our company, Head Start and their communities.
These words will NEVER be enough!

We will never quit fighting and never quit trying!
Where a door closes a window opens.

I love you all and I thank you for your years of service to CTO, Inc.

I ask today that everyone repost, comment or share, so that we all know your love and compassion.
We need your support and prayers!

Sheila Payne
Head Start Director