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Thread: Continuing Resolution

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    Continuing Resolution

    Why can't the GOP give them the continuing resolution with the following provisions:

    The truth about "Fast and Furious"
    Firing all IRS employees guilty of targeting "ANYONE"
    Stopping the NSA from spying on American Citizens
    Forcing Billary to testify about Benghazi
    Come true with the targeting of journalist
    Employees resigning during scandal investigations do not get retirement benefits.

    I think this is the beginning of negotiations with the socialist Democrat Party.

    I would like everyone to forward this to your friends, Senators, and Representatives.
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    Good points Dave. Harry Reid would come up with some stupid answer, like shutting down the NIH and not saving a childs life.

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    Now on the news they were showing that the obamacare websites are down because of the government shutdown. What a joke when obama has said all along there would be glitches and that wasn't the case on Tuesday when the system crashed. This admin will try anything to blame others except themselves.

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    Why complain about socialists, then complain when the social programs shut down? We would be another third world country without our social programs.
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