I live in Carbon outside of town. A month ago,while I was at work , some one came into my house and took petty things. They left guns, jewelry, laptops and money sitting out. We called the sheriff and filed a report. Got better locks and a camera.
Saturday the 3rd or Sunday the 4th , someone broke into our neighbors house about a 1/4 mile away. They shut off the electricity and broke in. They took minor stuff- welding bars and a broken little welder. They cut the lock on the gate. No one lives here but they use for the farm equipment and extra barns.
On the other side ,my other neighbor, they broke into the house taking petty stuff- a hammer- but also took the copper line from his propane tank. Someone witness them at the house . He didn't know to call. Its a maroon long bed truck. Chevy
the sherriff was called . He said there has been others in the area and out at the lake.
Watch out and alert your neighbors. There are thieves in the area.