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Thread: A-F School Ratings

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    A-F School Ratings

    The A-F Texas school ratings are out and many school administrators do not want the public to see these

    There is a search box on the link below. many area schools did poorly, too much emphasis on sports and not enough on career development.

    • Domain 1: How well do students perform on standardized testing?
    • Domain 2: How are students performing on standardized testing over time?
    • Domain 3: How are students from low income families performing compared to other students?
    • Domain 4: How prepared are students for college and life after graduation? This category is based off attendance, courses, dropout



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    I think the school boards need to hunker down in a few ISDs. Or really set in teaching more crafts for the real World.

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    I think they should take their "standardized testings" and put them where the sun don't shine. If they put as much effort in teaching the courses as they do in preparing the students for the "stupid testing", there would be no need for standardized testing.

    My grandson in sixth grade had a geography class who was taught everything BUT geography! He did not learn how many states there were in the United States of America much less their capitals. But, he did learn about sexual reproduction and about the Obamas in this class!!!!!!! This is my gripe for the day,
    Walk softly and carry a big stick.

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    Just got through replying to a complaint my granddaughter was making on Facebook about a history teacher she has that seems to be imposing his political and religious opinions in the class. I don't understand how, in the short time they have with students in a class, they find time to veer off the actual education material and get into personal opinion. That's what the Spin is for, not a classroom.

    I can see both sides of standardized testing. Without the testing, you would have no way to gauge if your school is doing all it should to get kids prepared for college or a career. There are several elements involved in the testing and I think it may be hard to address all those elements. There is the student side of it. Is the student intelligent but uninterested, is the student intelligent and interested but has problems with moving forward through standard teaching methods. Does the student have a low intelligence level or a handicap that creates learning problems?

    Then there is the teaching side. Some teachers are really good at teaching and others ain't worth a crap. With one teacher one of my kids had, I always wanted to see if I could get a ratio of how many students in that class were failing. However, I also knew that the class was full of students who landed into some of those problems listed above so it was very hard to determine if it was the teacher that couldn't teach, or just wasn't equipped to teach those kids. Either way, it was a match made in hell. I found it interesting that the kids with the most learning problems seemed to be paired with teachers who had the least amount of patience. At least that was the case in that class.

    So.. although I don't believe in teaching for a standardized test (that, to me, just loses the whole purpose of standardized testing) I do understand the necessity in having some sort of way to make sure the kids in poor neighborhoods are getting as good of an opportunity as those kids from the best neighborhoods.

    Maybe all sports should be intermural and just work on teaching the core subjects, science, fine arts, computer technology and vocational training.

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    I think the teachers should have to undergo and make stellar grades on the standardized tests before they are allowed to present the tests to the students!

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