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Thread: Texting and Driving illegal in Texas

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    Texting and Driving illegal in Texas

    If people don't want more laws, then more of them just need to use their common sense. Otherwise, the government has to step in and protect the stupid.

    You would think the reality of crash after crash (with many of them having fatalities) due to distracted driving would be enough of an example for people that they wouldn't text and drive.

    We'll still have to watch out for those who ignore the law though. Our seatbelt law has been in effect since 1985. Still, I constantly see accident reports where someone has been ejected from the vehicle in a wreck or has died in a wreck and weren't wearing a seatbelt.

    Buckle up! Put the phone down! Pay attention!

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    All I can say to that is DITTO!!!!!
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