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Thread: Now you don't have the right to throw a drink at a person.

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    Now you don't have the right to throw a drink at a person.

    American Liberal in Europe Attacks Man with MAGA Hat, Faces Hate Crime Charges

    The irony of this is sweet.

    Consider it for just a moment, will you?

    In America leftists are currently fighting to end Freedom of Speech, based on the grounds that hate speech is not free speech. In Europe, free speech does not exist just like the leftists want.

    So a leftist American woman travels abroad, to Denmark and walks into a bar.

    At this point she notices that the man seated across from her is wearing a #MAGA hat which triggers the woman and sends her into a rage. As the womans anger escalates, one of the other patrons begins recording

    Julius Daugbjerg Bjerrekr was the man in the MAGA hat and he later uploaded the video to his YouTube account for all the world to see.

    An American woman wanted to sit at my table. I was wearing a MAGA cap. She became visibly angry with my presence, so my friend started recording her.

    The woman then let loose with an expletive laden flood of hatred.
    Youre doing this, like to the world, she yelled. What the fu** is wrong with people? She continued by calling the man a horrible human being. What is fu**ing wrong with you? You are a horrible human being. Horrible human being.

    As the woman finally gathered her belongings and began walking away, the man can be heard saying Liberal tolerance at hand. Quite a mild response to the vitriol that the woman was spewing, but it sparked her to another level of fury.

    I do not fu**ing tolerate fu**ing, fu**ing racist! she yelled. Youre a horrible fu**ing human being and I hope you go home and feel fu**ing ashamed of yourself!

    For what? the man asked almost begging the unhinged lunatic woman to continue her collapse into insanity.

    For fu**ing being a fu**ing racist you fu**ing human piece of sh**! This concluded her rant, threw a drink at the man, and stormed out of the bar. As she left Bjerrekr can be heard calling after her, I think that is definitely illegal there. You should stop that person! This is assault!

    The leftist American may have stormed out into the night, but the situation is far from over.

    See, in Europe you do not have a right to simply spout your opinion wherever you please. Sadly, this American seems to have forgotten there is no First Amendment in Europe.
    Nor do you have the right to throw a drink at a person.

    The next day Bjerrekr decided to pursue legal action against the woman and the police are now investigating the situation as a politically motivated hate crime.

    We chose to take legal action the following day. A case has been opened and she will be charged with politically motivated assault (a hate crime). Political violence is never acceptable no matter ones political affiliation.

    The woman faces stiff penalties for her physical and verbal assault on the man, because in Europe there is no such thing as free speech, and the irony here couldnt be more sweet.

    "...democracy must be more than what the majority insists upon."
    Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope

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    I hope they throw her in prison for a couple of years or fine the loudmouth b....h some unbelievable amount!!! Maybe the foul-mouth Liberal will learn a broadened vocabulary?!?!?
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    I always find it hilarious that those who are so passionate about tolerance are typically intolerant of those they deem as not tolerant.

    Extreme left or right are intolerant people to begin with. I am tolerant with both.. I can easily walk away, ignore, change the channel, scroll own, hide a post, etc. They can carry on with their craziness without my interference and I'm a happier person without their ridiculousness.

    We have really given words entirely too much power these days. We have put words right up there with physical assault. I would much prefer running into someone with a difference of opinion and they start in on me yelling vulgarities than them to start punching me. Whether words leaves scars or not is up to you. Scars and bruises from punching is out of your control. I always like being in control. Now if children are being attacked daily with words of destruction by their parents, step parents, shack up families.. that's a different argument. Children don't have the wisdom to discern between idiots and sane people.

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    Would you feel differently if she had spewed her vitriol on USA soil?

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